Druim Ba Wind Farm Boralex


Revised, Reduced Wind Farm Design

The project has been revised and reduced:

  • Turbine number reduced by 56% from 23 to 10 turbines;
  • Turbine maximum tip height reduced by 15% from 149.5m to 126m maximum;
  • Turbine hub height has been reduced by 15% from 99.5m to 85m;
  • Total ground area of wind farm reduced by 42% from 320ha to 182ha;
  • Distance from nearest dwelling has been increased by over 63% from around 860m to around 1400m;
  • Relocation of the substation 1200m south, closer to the main array.


Original Layout
Original application layout


Revised, reduced wind farm layout
Revised, reduced windfarm layout


No. of houses within* Original
Druim Ba
Druim Ba
1 km 2 0
1.5 km 17 2
2 km 40 10
*excludes properties with a financial interest in the wind farm


ZTV - Revised Wind Farm


ZTV - Revised Wind Farm