Druim Ba Wind Farm Boralex



Has the ownership of DBSE changed since the original application?

No. The ownership of DBSE is still owned by EFR Scotland Ltd.

Has the ownership of the Blairmore Estate changed since the original application?

No. Blairmore Estate is still owned by EFRG.

Have turbine numbers been reduced?

Yes. In the original proposal, 23 turbines were proposed. The revised plan is for 10.

How has the planned total installed capacity changed from the original application?

Yes. With 10 turbines, the total installed capacity will be up to 30MW, compared with 69MW in the
original proposal.

Has the tip height been reduced as well?

Yes. The original proposal had turbines of 149.5m tip height whereas the revised proposal is for up to 126m
tip height.

How much smaller is the development area of the revised proposal?

The total area of the revised wind farm is 42% smaller than the original.

So is the revised wind farm further away from dwellings?

Yes. The original had approximately 40 dwellings within 2km, whereas the revised plan has 10 within 2km. The original turbine design's nearest property was approximately 860m where as the revised design's nearest property to a turbine is over 1,400m away. (These figures exclude properties with a financial interest in the wind farm.)

What community benefit does DBSE propose to pay?

DBSE will pay a community benefit of £5,000 per MW installed, inflated annually at RPI (retail price index).

How is the community benefit determined?

The community benefit fund will be paid in accordance with the Highland Council policy, as published in the document 'Guidance on the application of The Highland Council Community Benefit Policy for Communities and for Developers of onshore and offshore renewable energy developments.' of February 2013.