Druim Ba Wind Farm Boralex


Boralex - Independent Wind Generator in Europe

Boralex is a Canadian listed company that specialises in the development, construction and operation of renewable energy generation in four sectors: onshore wind, hydroelectric, thermal and solar.

Currently, Boralex has an asset base of approximately 1,278MW capacity, which includes 38 operating wind farms of over 1,050MW ranging from 4MW to the 340MW Seigneurie de Beaupré wind farm in Quebec.

Boralex is the largest independent wind farm operator in France. Boralex intends to expand worldwide wind farm capacity to 2,000MW by 2020.

Boralex acquired the shares of European Forest Resources Group from Louis Dreyfus in September 2016 and now owns the assets which include the Druim Ba site and wind farm rights.

As part of a European expansion program, despite uncertainty following the EU referendum, Boralex has chosen to pursue projects in Scotland because of its outstanding wind resource.

Boralex at a Glance