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Welcome to the Revised Druim Ba Wind Farm

Druim Ba Sustainable Energy has submitted an application for the Revised Druim Ba Wind Farm.

This application was not determined by the Highland Council in the statutory four month period from application, so DBSE requested in February 2016 that the Scottish Government's Department of Planning and Environmental Appeals Division (DPEA) determine the application.

The original Druim Ba Wind Farm was for 23 turbines. The original application was submitted in 2011 and, following a public inquiry, the Scottish Ministers refused consent in July 2013. After careful consideration of that decision and the Inquiry Reporter's report, the wind farm design has been revised.

The revised Druim Ba Wind Farm is of a significantly smaller scale, consisting of 10 turbines.

These 10 turbines remain in their same locations as the original design.

The main changes between the original design and the revised design are:

  Turbine number reduced by 56% from 23 to 10 turbines;
  Turbine maximum tip height reduced by 15% from 149.5m to 126m;
  Turbine hub height has been reduced by 15% from 99.5m to 85m;
  Total ground area of wind farm reduced by 42% from 320ha to 182ha;
  Distance from nearest dwelling has been increased by over 63% from around 860m to over 1400m;
  Relocation of the substation 1200m south closer to the main array.

These changes reduce visual impact, proximity to residential properties and noise impact.


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